Alcohol and Smoking

For many people who smoke, drinking alcohol and having a cigarette often go hand in hand. If we look back, alcohol and cigarettes have generally been sidekicks rooted in the pub culture where you could enjoy a cigarette and a drink without having to go outside into designated smoking areas.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see groups gathered together in the smoking area on a night out drinking. For those who don’t smoke in the group or for those who are trying to quit, it can feel quite lonely when your friends head out for a cigarette leaving you at the bar by yourself - making it difficult to quit or encouraging you to head out with them and becoming a victim of second hand smoking.

People who drink alcohol often find it harder to quit smoking, than smokers who don’t drink. It is thought that this is because, alcohol makes us less cautious and less likely to worry about the consequences of not sticking to your quit plan. Due to the fact that alcohol and smoking often goes hand in hand with each other, having a drink can be a trigger to have a cigarette.

If you are trying to quit smoking and are struggling on nights out, talk to your friends and tell them of your quit attempt, you never know you could inspire them to quit too! Don’t forget, Get Healthy Rotherham can support you throughout your quit attempt with expert advice and stop smoking medications.

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