Sarah's Slimming World Success

Get Healthy Rotherham are working in partnership with Slimming World to help deliver a free 12 week weight management programme for people who wish to lose weight (subject to eligibility criteria), and since this partnership began many people have benefitted from having access to the programme.

Sarah Fletcher has had some amazing results since joining Slimming World through Get Healthy Rotherham. She says:

“I wanted to lose weight because I was severely overweight; wearing size 30/32 clothes. 

When I first joined Slimming World, I felt really scared, especially going onto the scales and seeing what I weighed as I was embarrassed. Caroline was very welcoming, and I sat back and just listened to the group. Now I walk in and get hugged by members, we all have banter and it’s a real family group - nobody judges and never will!

Since losing over 4 stone, I didn’t want to end up with saggy skin, so I joined a gym. From laying on the couch every day, I now attend gym sessions four times a week and I have a personal trainer. I go swimming twice a week and I am currently trying different exercise classes.

I was a size 30/32 and I’m now in size 20 clothes. I look and feel fabulous! I love that I can take my dog for longer walks and keep up with my children. I love my new lifestyle and love feeling fitter and healthier. The best thing is doing the side by side photos which show how I looked a year ago to now.

I love the recipe sharing either in group or online. I’ve become quite a cook, and I love using spices to flavour my food. I’m forever batch cooking a new recipe!

The best thing I ever did was joining - thank you for giving me the chance to experience Slimming World. Please keep the Get Healthy Rotherham scheme going to offer the free 12 weeks as it is fantastic. The changes you see in these weeks motivates you to carry on!”

To find out more about Get Healthy Rotherham’s weight management programme and eligibility criteria, please call 01709 718720 or visit 

Pictured is Sarah Fletcher before and after her weight loss through Get Healthy Rotherham's weight management programme with Slimming World.