Is the pandemic causing work burnout?

The recent pandemic has affected us all in many different ways. For some, working from home has meant the boundaries between work life and homelife have become blurred. For others it has led to a re-evaluation of what is important in life.

This week the BBC reported on the effect the pandemic has had on people’s work life. A survey of employees by Aviva showed that 47% were now less career focussed than before. It also found that 2 in 5 found that working from home meant they never switched off from work which has led to a concern about burnout.

Interestingly more women than men are worried about the boundaries between work becoming blurred. The use of more technology and working from home make it harder to switch off from work outside of working hours.

However just 14% or those surveyed wanted to return to the office full time and 15% wanted to work from home permanently. As the pandemic has brought in a new way of working, which looks set to stay, this highlights the importance for employers to look after the mental health of their employees to avoid increased illness and burnout of their employees.