Out to Lunch

The results of the Soil Association’s most recent ‘Out to Lunch’ survey have been released recently. The Out to Lunch survey aims to find out the truth about children’s food in 20 of the most popular chain restaurants in the country.

The results are based on:

  • A survey of the restaurant’s menus
  • A survey sent to all of the restaurants
  • A survey of the experience of families who were sent undercover to these restaurants

These surveys were designed to find out more about three different areas:

  • Whether they provide ‘fresh food you can trust.’ For example whether free range or caged bird eggs are used, whether the fish is sustainable, if the menu tells us where the food has come from, if British meat is used and if the menu changes to reflect which foods are in season.
  • If the food provided is ‘a healthy choice.’ They looked at a range of criteria such as the healthy choices on offer, how much variety is on offer, portion size, whether vegetables are included with a meal, how the food is cooked and whether fruit is on offer as a pudding.
  • Whether the restaurant is ‘family friendly.’ For example, whether children’s cutlery is available, if they were accommodating to parent’s needs, if the children’s food was a suitable temperature, facilities available and how children were treated.

You can find out the results of the survey and more information about how it was carried out by visiting the Soil Association website.