Stress Awareness Day

At some point in the last year 3 out of 4 of us have said that we have felt stressed. Feeling under pressure is a normal part of life. However, we can feel overwhelmed by these feelings and this can lead to mental health problems and make us feel like we can’t cope.

Stress Awareness Day, on November 3rd 2021, highlights what happens when stress affects us and what we can do to stop this becoming a problem.

Feeling stressed is a normal response by your body to help you deal with a threat. It includes a release of hormones and can be positive in that it can motivate you to take action. However, too much stress can affect your mood and how you feel physically and emotionally.

The important thing is to take action before it becomes overwhelming. The mental health organisation Rethink has some advice on some self help you can do to help reduce your feelings of stress.

  • Write a stress diary to help you identify what is causing you to feel stressed
  • Get practical advice about the cause of your stress
  • Take steps to manage your money - a common cause of stress
  • Plan your time
  • Talk to someone
  • Make some lifestyle changes such as eating healthily, getting enough sleep and being active
  • Make sure you do things that you enjoy doing, not just things you have to do.

Have you noticed you have been feeling stressed? Take some time to read more about stress, what it is, common signs and triggers and more on how to cope and think about what you can do to reduce these feelings and look after yourself.