World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day is celebrated on November 14th every year. 

This year World Diabetes Day is celebrating the discoveries and development of diabetes treatment over the last century. This year marks 100 years since the discovery of insulin which has saved millions of lives and inspired research and breakthroughs in the treatment of diabetes.

Before 1921 most people with Type 1 Diabetes didn’t survive much longer than a couple of years. Insulin was first used as a treatment to reduce high blood sugar levels in January 2022 and it is still the only effective treatment for people with Type 1 Diabetes, 100 years later.

Another major step is the discovery that Type 2 Diabetes can be put into remission. The first year results from research that started in 2017 show that 45.6% of participants, following a low calorie, diet based weight management programme, under the guidance of a GP, were in remission after a year. The research is now looking into whether the effects will be seen long term.

However, across the world there are millions of people who do not have access to insulin and the ongoing Diabetes care which is essential for managing their condition. World Diabetes Day is raising awareness of this and calling for medicine and support to be available to everyone with diabetes and asking governments across the world to put more investment towards Diabetes care and prevention.