How to be more active

The NHS Better Health campaign is encouraging us all to get more active. Being active can help us manage our weight, reduces our risk of heart disease, stroke and Type 2 diabetes. It helps us be able to perform everyday tasks with ease, gives us more energy, improves self esteem, mood and reduces feelings of anxiety and depression.

It is recommended we do 150 minutes a week of moderate activity. Moderate means an activity that increases our heart rate and gets us out of breath, but we are still able to talk.

Alongside this we should also be trying to be active through the day and make sure we are not sedentary for long periods of time. Better Health gives us some ideas about how we can do this.

  • Make it a habit - set an alarm to remind you to move regularly, get up during the ad break or walk around while the kettle is boiling.
  • Take a break for lunch and use it to move around or have a stretch.
  • Try standing instead of sitting if you can. This will improve your strength.
  • Take up an active hobby.
  • Track your progress and set a target - you’ll feel good when you reach it!
  • Be more active with family or friends. You could set up a challenge to see who can do the most steps each day.
  • Build strengthening activities into your routine.  This could be carrying heavy bags or doing some pilates.
  • Set yourself a goal and then reward yourself when you achieve it.
  • Find an activity you enjoy - you are more likely to do it regularly if you have fun while doing it.

When being more active it’s important to take things slowly and build up gradually. Often we try to achieve too much too soon and then we find we can’t keep it up. Taking it step by step helps us build up our strength and fitness and means we are more likely to keep it up in the long term.

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