We all need a little help from time to time.

One in four adults and one in ten children experience mental illness.

Data shows that half of the population experienced feelings of stress or anxiety last year, 45% reported feeling depressed and 1 in 4 had fearful feelings around social situations.

NHS England and NHS improvement have launched a campaign to highlight that it is normal to ask for help. In September 2021 over 1 million people were in touch with their local mental health services. This is an increase of 73,000 from the same time in the previous year.

Have you been experiencing a low mood, feeling anxious or stressed? 

Talking Therapies can help with a range of different mental health issues including:

  • having panic attacks

  • stress

  • struggling with flashbacks and nightmares

  • feeling low and hopeless

  • finding it hard to cope with work, life or relationships

  • worrying

  • obsessive thoughts or behaviours

  • fear of social situations

  • constant worry about your health

  • phobias

  • negative thoughts

  • trouble sleeping

You can access free support from the NHS. You can ask your GP to refer you but you can also refer yourself.

There are a variety of Talking Therapies available such as: 

  • self-help workbook with therapist support,

  • online courses, 

  • over the phone support, 

  • one to one or in a group support. 

Appointments with therapists are conducted in confidence and help is available in-person, by video consultation, telephone and interactive text.  What you are offered depends on what research has shown is the best for the feelings you are experiencing.

Getting support with your mental health has shown to be linked to other positive outcomes including:

  • improved physical health and life expectancy

  • better educational achievement

  • increased skills

  • reduced health risk behaviours such as smoking and alcohol misuse

  • reduced risk of mental health problems and suicide

  • improved employment rates and productivity

  • reduced anti-social behaviour and criminality

  • higher levels of social interaction and participation

Why not take the first step to improving your mental health and wellbeing today.

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