Lift someone out of loneliness

Over half of us have felt lonely at some point, feeling lonely can happen to all of us at any stage of our lives. This can leave us feeling isolated and can have a negative effect on our wellbeing. Loneliness may be caused by a life event, a change in circumstances or may not have an obvious cause. It important to remember that these feelings can pass and there are things you can do to help reduce these feelings, such as:

  1. Keep in touch with those around you.

  2. Join a group.

  3. Do things you enjoy.

  4. Share your feelings but do not compare yourself with others.

  5. Help someone else feel connected.

The Better Health: Every Mind Matters ‘Lift someone out of loneliness’ campaign is encouraging us all to talk about feeling lonely and to reach out to someone who might be feeling this way. By carrying out a small act of kindness to someone you know, you could be lifting them out of loneliness and it could also help how you feel too.

What could your act of kindness be?

  • You could check in with a family member, friend or neighbour by sending them a text or giving them a call.

  • How about inviting someone on a walk.

  • Or catch up with a friend over coffee.

Why not start by finding out more about loneliness and what you can do to help yourself and others feel less isolated.

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