Cancer Prevention Action Week

‘Did you know 40% of people who are diagnosed are diagnosed with a cancer that could potentially have been prevented?’ 

World Cancer Research Fund


Cancer Prevention Action Week is running from 21st to 27th February. The event raises awareness of cancer, cancer prevention and encourages us to take action. Knowing what you and your loved ones can do and making small, long term changes will lower your risk of being diagnosed with cancer.

Some cancers have been shown to be related to lifestyle.  Some of the main preventable factors are:

  • Being overweight or obese - this has been related to 12 different types of cancer.
  • Being physically inactive - this increases your risk.
  • Your diet - a poor diet increases your risk while a healthy diet can be beneficial.
  • Red and processed meat - eating too much has been linked to certain cancers.
  • Alcohol - drinking too much has been linked to 6 cancers.
  • Sugary drinks - drinking too much is linked to being above a healthy weight.
  • Smoking - the biggest cause of cancer.
  • Sun and UV - too much exposure increases your risk.

Leading a healthier lifestyle and making healthy choices can be beneficial to us all.

Why not start by taking the World Cancer Research Fund’s Cancer Health Check quiz. By answering simple and quick questions about your lifestyle you will be able to pinpoint areas where you could make a change.

The World Cancer Research Fund, as part of Cancer Prevention Action Week, have launched a new recipe generator. This tool helps you use those ingredients in our cupboards, that are packed with nutrients, but that we are unsure of what to do with them. Just type in one or two ingredients into the search box and discover some new healthy recipes to try!

By registering with Get Healthy Rotherham, you can gain access to advice and support on how to reach and maintain a healthy weight, eat a balanced diet, become more physically active, quit smoking and live a healthier lifestyle. Click the register button to find out more.