Eating Well for Less

With the rise in energy bills and the price of food increasing we may find we have less money to spend on food. This can often be seen as a barrier to us eating a healthy diet and reaching our health and weight goals.

The NHS Better Health campaign has 20 tips on how to eat well for less, helping us lose weight, be healthy and stick to a budget at the same time.

Write a shopping list - make sure you use up ingredients you already have and just buy the missing items. Don’t shop when you are hungry as you are likely to spend more.

Waste nothing - only buy what you need. On average a family throws away £60 of food each month. Freeze leftovers.

Eat leftovers for lunch or freeze for another day.

Buy frozen - frozen fruit and veg are just as nutritious and can be cheaper than fresh. You are less likely to waste them as well.

Try cheaper brands.

Eat more veg - they are often cheaper than meat and fish. Adding veg to meals makes the meal go further.

Cook with pulses - often cheap and can be used to replace some meat in a dish.

Freeze leftover bread - bread is one of the most wasted foods. Freeze it in portions and take out what you need each day.

Know your kitchen - you might have enough to make a meal without buying anything else.

Buy cheaper cuts - and use a slow cooker to cook it slowly.

Look up cheap recipes.

Eat smaller portions - you could use a smaller plate or say no to seconds - this could help your waistline too!

Cook from scratch - cooking your own meals is often cheaper than a takeaway or ready meal and is also healthier.

Buy chicken whole and use the deli counter to get exact amounts you need to reduce waste.

Compare prepacked with loose - check the price per weight. Buying fruit and veg in a pack may mean you get more than what you need.

Cut down on luxuries and look for cheaper alternatives. This will help with losing weight as well as saving money.

Beware of BOGOFs - only buy it if you actually need it. 

Eat the same - cooking separate meals for the family can be more expensive.

Shop online -  you’ll know how much you have spent before you checkout. You can use supermarket comparison websites to get the cheapest prices.

Buy reduced price items - but be careful of use by dates and only buy what you will use.

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