Get Healthy Rotherham's No smoking day event

No Smoking Day is an annual event that occurs on the 2nd Wednesday in March. It was first established in 1984 and today, charities and health bodies across the country use it as an opportunity to raise awareness of the tools and services available to support smokers kick the addiction. No Smoking Day was on the 9th of March this year and the theme was: “Don’t give up on giving up”. This means that every time you try to stop smoking, you’re a step closer to success.

Our team at Get Healthy Rotherham held a stall at Tesco Superstore in Maltby on Wednesday the 9th of March to promote our smoking cessation programme and deliver key messages.

These were the main four key messages for smokers:

  1. Every successful quit begins with a serious quit attempt. Make your next quit attempt this No Smoking Day. 

  2. Many smokers do not quit on their first attempt and need several tries before they succeed. 

  3. The sooner you stop the greater the health gains but whenever you stop your health will benefit. 

  4. Getting support really boosts your chances of quitting - you’re up to three times as likely to succeed. 

No Smoking Day is not just about engaging with smokers in our services and in our communities but also those in our workplaces. This year's event was a great chance to reach out to smokers employed by organisations and let them know what support they can get to stop. 

Smokers are more likely to be living in disadvantaged circumstances, with evidence showing that mental distress has increased for smokers during the pandemic. Quitting smoking can help people to deal with the 5 pressures of the pandemic but they may need more advice and support to help them achieve this.

If you or anyone you know would like to stop smoking but doesn’t know where to start. Click the register button to gain access to advice and support on how to quit smoking and live a healthier lifestyle