World Sleep Day 2022

Today is World Sleep Day, a day used to raise awareness about the importance of sleep.

Sleep is a basic human need alongside food and water. Have you noticed that after a night of poor sleep you find it hard to concentrate or find everyday tasks more difficult? In fact, long term poor sleep has also been adversely linked to several health outcomes including weight gain, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and mental health. 

Poor sleep affects most of us at some point. The NHS Better Health Every Mind Matters website gives us some tips on how we can improve our sleep.

  1. Keep regular sleep hours - go to bed and get up at regular times and avoid napping.

  2. Confront sleepiness - don’t lie in bed forcing yourself to go to sleep, get up and get back in bed when you feel sleepier.

  3. Create a restful environment - keep your bedroom dark, calm and cool.

  4. Write down your worries - to help put your mind at rest.

  5. Move more - being more active can help you sleep better.

  6. Put down the pick me ups - avoid caffeine and alcohol close to bedtime.

If you find these tips haven’t worked or your sleep has been affected over a long period you may want to get some extra support. You can find out more information about sleep and where to get support by visiting the NHS Better Health Every Mind Matters website.

Some new resources have been developed for teachers to provide them with tools to start conversations with young people about the importance of sleep. Find out more on the Campaign Resource Centre website.


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