Stress Awareness Month - don't be a slave to tech

Do you check your phone within an hour of waking up?

Do you feel preoccupied with emails, news, games or social media?

Do you feel the need to respond to messages immediately?

Can you stand in a queue without checking your phone?


These are some of the questions on the Stress Management Society’s digital detox questionnaire. These days it is really easy to be connected to the world and stay in touch with what is going on. But this can come at a price and can have an impact on our mental health when we don’t find time to disconnect and switch off.

Did you know that in the UK, on average, we spend 24 hours a week online and one in five adults spend 4 hours or more on the internet. Infact, British adults tend to check their phones every 12 minutes.

The Stress Management Society has many ideas for reducing how much screen time you have in their ‘Don’t be a slave to tech’ section. Why not try one of these tips to get you started:

  • Leave your phone at home or in the car - when you are meeting someone leave your phone out of sight so you can concentrate on your conversation and not get distracted.
  • Unplug your wifi for the day - use the time to write a letter, play a boardgame or read a book.
  • Choose active activities where it is hard to check your phone.
  • Have a phone free dinner policy - leave your phones in a bowl until dinner is finished.

What will be your first step to disconnect from technology and reconnect with the world around you?

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