Health in numbers

To take part in National Numeracy Day (18th May 2022) we thought we would look at some of the recommendations we are given in relation to our health

5 is the number of portions of fruit and vegetables we should have a day. What is a portion? The answer is 80g. A portion of dried fruit is 30g.

30g is the maximum amount of added sugar we should have each day. A bottle of coke has 53g of sugar.

150 is the number of minutes of moderate activity we should do each week. Moderate means your heart is beating faster, you are out of breath but still able to talk.

10,000 is the number of steps we should do each day. Does this seem like a lot? Build up how much you do slowly.

18.5 - 25 BMI - this is the healthy BMI range we should aim for. But even 5 - 10% weight loss will be beneficial for our health.

120/80mm/Hg is a healthy blood pressure. We can reduce our blood pressure by exercising more, eating less salt, drinking less alcohol and managing our stress levels.

2 is the number of portions of fish we should have a week - one of these should be oily fish.

150 ml is a portion of fruit juice - we should stick to just 1 portion a day as the sugars are ‘free sugars.’

2 is the number of times in a week we should do strengthening exercises which build our muscles such as lifting weights, yoga, cycling or heavy gardening.

14 is the maximum number of units of alcohol we should have per week. We should spread these out and have at least 2 alcohol free days each week.


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