Poisoning Our Planet- No Smoking Day 2022

This years no smoking day on the 31st of May  is focussed on raising awareness of the harmful impact the tobacco industry has on the environment.

We often think of cigarette butts and discarded ugly coloured packaging when we talk about the environmental impacts. But the environmental footprint left by the tobacco industry goes much further than this.

I think it’s time consumers are shown how unknowingly they are contributing to climate change:

The growth of tobacco causes irreparable damage through deforestation, water consumption and the use of pesticides. For example, Malawi is reliant on tobacco for over 60% of its foreign earnings and since the 1970s has seen over 40% of its forest eradicated to make way for tobacco farms and to fuel the curing process of harvested leaves. This deforestation is devastating for local wildlife and ecosystems, but also contributes to climate change, soil erosion, reduced soil fertility and disrupted water cycles.

Not only does this do irreparable damage to the planet, it seriously damages the communities that depend on this crop, threatening sustainable development. Tobacco takes up valuable land for arable crops, which, in a world with an ever-growing population facing huge pressures on natural resources, is something we can ill afford (Ash, 2019).

Stop smoking for your own health and the Earth’s health, as well as those who live on this planet. If you join a stop smoking service, you are twice as likely to successfully quit. 

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