Healthy Eating Week - Monday = Focus on Fibre

Why is fibre important?

Eating plenty of fibre, as part of a healthy balanced diet, lowers your risk of heart disease, stroke, Type 2 Diabetes and bowel cancer. Foods high in fibre can keep you fuller for longer and therefore help you manage your weight. Eating fibre rich foods along with plenty of fluid and physical activity can also prevent constipation.

It is also thought that fibre rich foods help with levels of good bacteria in the gut which has an impact on immunity, obesity, brain function and mood.


What are the recommendations?

In the UK it is recommended that we have 30g of fibre a day. However, on average, we are only getting 19.7g.


What are fibre rich foods?

Wholegrain varieties of starchy foods like wholegrain breakfast cereals, wholewheat pasta, wholemeal bread, and brown rice.

Pulses like kidney beans, chickpeas, and lentils.

Nuts and seeds.

Potatoes with skins on.

Fruit and vegetables.


How can I increase how much fibre I eat?

The British Nutrition Foundation gives us some tips for increasing the amount of fibre in our diet.


Go for potatoes, sweet potatoes, or yams with the skins on.

Add fruit to your wholegrain breakfast cereal or porridge.

Snack on fruit, vegetable sticks, rye crackers, oatcakes, unsalted nuts, or seeds.

Add plenty of vegetables to meals, as a side dish or salad.

Add pulses like beans, chickpeas or lentils to stews, curries and pasta sauces.


Try new whole grain foods:

You may see ‘source of fibre’ or ‘high in fibre’ on the front of food packaging - a ‘source of’ fibre has at least 3g of fibre per 100g, and ‘high in’ fibre has more than 6g per 100g.

Check for the words wholegrain, wholewheat or wholemeal on food products like wholewheat noodles and wholemeal bread.

Go for wholemeal or higher fibre seeded breads. If you only like white bread, why not try versions that combine white and wholemeal flour.

Go for high-fibre lower sugar breakfast cereals like wholewheat biscuit cereal (e.g., wheat biscuits), no added sugar muesli, bran flakes or porridge. 


What will you do to increase how much fibre you eat?

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