It's National BBQ Week!

When it gets warmer and the weather improves we often want to spend more time outside and we may be invited to more social occasions including a BBQ or picnic.  But how can we fit this in with the health goals we are trying to achieve?

Let’s spend National BBQ Week, which runs from 4th to 10th July, working out what we can do to find the balance between enjoying these occasions and still achieving the goals we set ourselves for our health.

The NHS gives us some ideas of some healthier BBQ recipes we can use. Why not try making chargrilled pineapple, turkey burgers or koftas, or adding beans to your beef burgers to reduce their fat content. 

The British Heart Foundation suggests choosing leaner meats to reduce fat intake, making your own marinades to help lower how much salt you have and choosing sausages that are lower in saturated fat and salt.

You could also put some corn on the cob on the BBQ as a healthy side. Or how about making plenty of salads to have alongside the BBQ food to make the meal more balanced.

If you are worried about over indulging then you could fill up on salads and try not to go back for seconds. Also, try not to arrive feeling too hungry - this is often when we end up eating too much

Another thing to think about is how much alcohol you drink. The British Dietetic Association gives us advice for cutting down how much we drink. These include:

  • Set yourself a limit on how much you are going to drink

  • Avoid salty snacks such as crisps and salted nuts because these make you thirstier (as well as being high in fat and salt)

  • Have some non or low-alcoholic drinks through the evening instead

  • Always have a glass or bottle of water with you 

  • Think about the strength of your drink – choose beers or lagers that have a lower abv

  • Sip a drink slowly so it lasts longer

  • Don’t top up the glass before it’s finished so the volume consumed can be monitored more accurately

  • Replace high calorie mixer for a lower calorie one, like low calorie tonic or diet cola and alternate drinks with water/diet/low calorie drinks

  • Make wine into a spritzer

Why not get everyone involved in an active game to reduce how much time you are sat down and to increase your active time.

Lastly, it’s important to think ahead and set yourself some goals before you arrive. If you do this then you are more likely to stick to what you are trying to achieve when faced with what could be a difficult situation which causes you to go off track.


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