What is 5532?

‘Did you know that healthy eating habits developed in the early years can set a child up for good health in later life?’

Have you ever wondered what to feed your toddler or how much food to give them? Parents can often feel unsure how much food their child should be eating. 

The British Nutrition Foundation has put together the 5532 guide which is advice for portion sizes for 1 - 4 year olds. It helps you think about providing your child with a healthy balanced diet to help them to grow and be healthy.

It is advised that children have a variety of foods from the main food groups:

Starchy Foods - about 5 portions a day

Fruit and Vegetables - about 5 portions a day

Dairy foods - about 3 portions a day

Protein foods - about 2 portions a day (or 3 for vegetarian or vegan children)

Alongside using this guide, remember that children’s appetites vary from day to day, so also be guided by them and how much they want to eat. 

The guide shows you what a portion is for each of these food groups and also discusses mealtimes, advice on snacks and drinks and other food matters such as special diets, supplements, fats, sugar and salt. There is also advice on food allergies, being active and how to make sure your child has healthy teeth.

The British Nutrition Foundation also has nutrition advice for other life stages including pregnancy, babies, children, teenagers and for men and women and older adults.


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