Moving to boost your mood

‘A daily brisk walk can boost your energy, lift your mood, clear your mind and stop your worries going into overdrive.’


Making sure you take some simple steps to look after your mental wellbeing can mean that problems don’t become bigger and in the long run you will be happier, enjoy life more and feel more relaxed.


We can sometimes feel we don’t have time for being more active and find it hard to fit around our other commitments. However, being more active is not just about the physical benefits but also the benefits for our mental health. The good news is that even short bursts of activity are beneficial. Even if you can find 10 minutes in the day to go for a short walk you may find this helps you see things more clearly, give you more energy and make you more productive through the rest of the day.


If you don’t fancy going for a walk why not try one of the NHS Better Health home workouts or try out a Change 4 Life 10 minute shake up with the rest of the family to get you all moving more.


If you are new to exercise then make sure you build up how much you do in small steps, while you increase your strength and fitness.


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