Reducing Alcohol

Lose the booze

We understand that after a busy day, sometimes there is nothing better than to unwind with a nice glass of something cold. The problem is that over the week, it can all start to add up. However - there is some good news. You don't need to stop drinking entirely, it's a case of understanding how many units you are consuming so you can understand how many units you are drinking when you're socialising with friends and family, but not drink to excess. 

Drinking more than the recommended amount on a regular basis is a risk to your health, so cutting back makes sense. Whether you’re cutting alcohol out of your life completely or cutting down gradually, you’ll look and feel better quickly.

How can we support you to drink less alcohol?

Your Get Healthy Coach will be able to work with you to understand how much alcohol you drink and under which circumstances so that they can create a personal health plan that will allow you to take control of how much you drink. You will also be able to access free tools to help you make small changes that will all add up. If you need additional, specialist support then we can arrange this as well through our partner organisations.

Our top tips

  • Try adding lemonade or tonic to a glass of wine; having a spritzer will reduce your alcohol intake
  • Switch to lower strength alcoholic beverages e.g 5% to 3.5% Beer.
  • Try to have at least 2 alcohol free days per week
  • Try drinking non alcoholic drinks out of a wine or pint glass
  • Only take a fixed amount of money when you go out, so you are not tempted to drink more


Next Steps

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